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Its not only about your mug... Joe is about community and does his part. This is Joe and a couple of his best customers at the annual St. Baldrick's Day Hilton Head fundraiser to benefit childhood cancer research. See ya there.
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Joe is not just a barber... He is a Master Barber, some say a Jedi Master Barber. Bottom line its the best barber shop on Hilton Head and if you get your hair cut here let's just say that you'll need a body guard to keep all the ladies away... They will just know you went to Joe's Barber Shop!
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For clean shaves, beard masterpieces, or spruce up your burly mess, Joe is the Hilton Head beard baron. Come see Joe before that proposal, or job interview.. its almost like cheating.
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Loved by 1000's of people worldwide
  • I recommmend Joe to all my family, friends and customers in Hilton Head. Joe is a great guy and knows how to cut hair.

    Scott Hoffman, Hilton Head -

  • Nothing like sitting back for that warm lathery straight shave just before hitting a Hilton Head golf course... Joe definately improves my game!

    Mark Stringer, Hilton Head

  • I was on vacation in Hilton Head and needed my Mohawk shaved in. Joe used hot towels and a straight razor just like I get at my shop. Good job If I lived down here ide be here once a week for sure. This guy is funny and really knew what he was doing.

    Willian Y. Albany New York

Joe's Barbershop Services

Best Barber In Hilton Head!

The Basics
  • Buzz Cut $12
  • Men's Haircut - $17
  • Small Child's Haircut $15
  • Beard and Hair Lineup $8
  • Designs are Charged by Time
Shave and Grooming
  • Hot Shave (hot towel, hot creme, straight razor) - $21
  • Head Shave w/Straight Razor
  • Mustache and Eyebrow Trim
Other Stuff
  • Wash - Not happening
  • Good Ole NY Butt Whoopin' - FREEEE. Ya frickin Jerky.
  • Hand Care/Foot Care -- no way..
  • Shoe/Boot Shine - Not here...

Where are we?

Walk-in's are welcome. It's how we roll.

Monday - Closed
Tuesday - Friday 10:00am - 7:00pm
Saturday 10:00am - 4:00pm
Sunday and Holidays - Closed

115 Arrow Rd STE 2B, Hilton Head Island, SC, USA